Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to be pilot

Pilot is one who drives an airplane. In Bangladesh, the ways of being a pilot are given below:
 1) Join air force as pilot
 2) Bangladesh flying academy and general aviation

1) Join Air Force: Air Force is branch of defense. One can join in various departments of Bangladesh Air Force. But the main work to keep safe sky bangladesh is done by GD(P) means general duty pilot.
Entry: 2 times a year.

Eligibility: HSC (science) with GPA at least 3.50.
Examination: One has to pass six stages to be a pilot. They are primary health test, written, viva, Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB), final health test, Final viva.
Fees: free of cost.
Further eligibility can be found on their website.

2) Bangladesh flying academy and general aviation: To be a pilot one has to get admitted in this institution.
Entry: anytime
Eligibility: HSC (science).
Age limit: 27.
Fees: 15-20 lac.
Bangladesh flying academy and general aviation limited

Zia international Airport,
Phone: (02) 8913909, (02)8913039

Disclaimer: Author hold no liability of information given. Readers are advised to know details and other ways by their own efforts.


  1. when will circular publishe recently????
    How much time it is required for Air force way that mean 1st way????